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“Our sorrows & wounds are healed only
When we touch them with compassion”

I am the founder and creator of Kirzinger Wellness Therapies; and Co-Author to Amazon’s best selling book series ‘365 Moments of Grace’ & ‘365 Life Shifts’. Both of these heartwarming & inspirational reads are available for purchase directly through me😊

If you are looking to make a change in your life, the first step is taking action…that’s what I did & so can you!

Life is good, but it wasn’t always this way.

At one time, working in the public sector was my dream job, and I never imagined I would ever want to leave this work, or the comfortable cushion a government job provided; but then things changed.

During the last few years of my employment, I was living on auto-pilot; completely disengaged. While I was financially secure, nothing felt right anymore. I began to question my life’s purpose. I no longer felt passion for my job, and deeply felt the work I was doing, the services I was providing, no longer matched my own personal values; especially in terms of client care. The longer I let the situation continue, the worse things became. As a result of this dis-connect, I was unhappy, clinically depressed and had developed some serious physical health issues. I finally recognized that my healing had to occur from the inside out.

With this belief in the forefront, and as I transitioned myself into a healthier body & mind, I laid the foundation for Kirzinger Wellness Therapies. I trained and certified in a variety of holistic healing modalities that mirror my vision for working with clients on a heart and soul level.

All of us are on a journey of discovery, healing and growth. I know how to help you bring the happiness, joy and passion back into your life – but first you must recognize that you’ll never solve the problems at the same level of thinking which created them. Are you ready to create a shift?

What sets KWT apart from others?

I consider the client/therapist relationship to be a team endeavour and a personal adventure for both of us.

At KWT you will not wait weeks for an appointment, or be placed on a wait list. Some of my services are available on a mobile basis, so I can come to you; though the majority of my services are provided at my home office.

We will work together to address your individual concerns and the core issues behind them. Be assured that all of my therapeutic grade: essential oils are of the highest quality. We will restore your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual balance so you can lead the life you love!

Feel better today knowing that wherever you are on your path, you have taken the first step to living more healthfully in Body, Mind & Spirit

Margo Kirzinger

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