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Margo Kirzinger

Holistic Practitioner, Counsellor, VIP Day Specialist

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I’m truly honoured to have you here.

Do you ever say to yourself: I’m ready for change…what do I do now? Who can help me? If so, then you are in the right place.

As an experienced counsellor and certified wellness practitioner, I draw from a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and 20+ years experience to assist people in releasing life’s stressors and past trauma for greater body, mind and spirit wellness.

Whatever may be going on in your life right now, know that you have the power to break through and create any change you desire. There is so much more for you to be, do and experience…are you ready?

When I first opened up to the Divine guidance, that is available to us all, I was in awe of how I was able to shift my own limiting beliefs and then create a wellness system that goes far beyond treating individual ‘symptoms’. Our sacred wounds must be treated at a core level. Only then can true healing begin.

If you want to feel more happiness, peace, joy, authenticity and gratitude, on a daily basis, I will teach you everything I know about creating your new reality. I will provide you with support, motivation and tools so you can move forward and live fully in the present. Give yourself the opportunity to live your best life.

I offer a variety of services & integrative VIP programs – there really is something for everyone, so since you’re here please check out the rest of my site 😊

I offer a 1x free 30 min. Clarity Consultation, so if you have questions, want more info, or would like to meet me in person, (pending you are in my service area) please email or text to schedule a time that works best for you.


  • VIP Days - 1:1 Counselling
  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Angel Reiki
  • Angel / Akashic Records / Face Readings.
  • Essential Oils
  • Body Mind Analysis
  • Emotional Release Therapy
  • Body-Mind-Repair Aromassage
  • Home Parties.

Feel better today knowing that you have taken the first step to living more healthfully in Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Psychosomatic Therapy


Is an holistic approach based on the bilateral relationship between the mind(psyche) and body(soma). Stress, tension and discomfort in one's life leads to various "issues in the tissues". Emotional imbalance if left unchecked often leads to problems like head-aches, body-aches, fatigue, poor appetite, overeating, high blood pressure, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, hair loss, overall depression, and can raise the risk of cardiac events.

This does not have to happen. I, with your willingness, will help you self-reflect, identify and resolve issues related to:

  • Personal relationships
  • Workplace stress & burnout
  • Addiction & substance abuse
  • Grief - moving forward
  • Midlife changes
  • Body/Joint Pain

Expand to learn how psychosomatic therapy works.

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A large part of my work in energy therapy is balancing and healing the chakra system. Our body is an energetic field. Inside this energy field are 7 major chakras. Each chakra is a spinning wheel, or disc, of energy and each one is ideally operating in balance and rhythm. When our chakras are balanced, we feel good; life feels easier – even in hectic times. When even one of our wheels is out of balance, it can affect our whole system; and moving through daily life starts feeling like a very bumpy ride.

Any physical damage to your body, old or new, emotional and/or mental stresses, past trauma, and various other factors can lead to imbalance that presents in a vast array of physical symptoms. The solution: repair your wheel before the damage gets worse. Together, we can heal your wheels.

Have questions? Want to find out how I can help you? Call me!! I am offering a free 30 minute telephone session. In this absolutely no cost to you conversation, we will identify and bring clarity to your key area of concern; and I will share with you the many ways I can help you to heal


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